AMD Cool'Quiet 关掉 会更快吗?

AMD Cool’Quiet ,只知道可以让 CPU 不热 ,有效控制频率 (我是那么想的)
在 BIOS 把
AMD Cool’Quiet 关掉 电脑process会更快吗?
让frequency 暴走,超频~ 是酱紫吗?


my motherboard is abit MS-NFS(value brand’s board)

会不会散热不到阿?? 我是这么想。。哈哈

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会不会散热不到阿?? 我是这么想。。哈哈




AMD Cool ‘N’ Quiet, a technology use for efficiently control your fan speed, CPU speed and voltage, some application like notepad, microsoft word, emailing does not require much processing power, so the Cool ‘N’ Quiet function will automatically reduce the CPU speed, lower CPU speed does not require so high voltage and will generate less heat also, thus the voltage will be reduce and also the CPU fan speed, which will lead to less noise.

When you play game, the CPU usage will be 100% loaded most of the time, thus the Cool ‘N’ Quiet won’t limit anything about the voltage or fan speed. I think it got nothing to do with overclocking.

problem solved ?

本來 沒有問題的 ,只是 想讓 讓電腦快一點點 . [s:21]