ATTN: Your reliable One-Stop IT Solution Provider [你可信赖的“一站式I.T. 总汇"]

你可信赖的“一站式I.T. 总汇"

[b]We provide: On-Site IT Services

. Maintenance & Services for PC, laptop, fascimile, and server and etc.
. Wireless Networking for Internet Connection.
. IPCamera Home securities system / CCTV.
. System & Data recovery.
. Virus & spyware clean.
. Printing for namecard & banner.
. WINFAX for PC to serve as FAX machine.

[Note: Voucher holder will be having discount on purchase / for on-site service call.]

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ATTN: MAXIS Wireless Broadband Internet connection

Interest to get a wireless broadband connection. [No Monthly fixed line charges]

Call us now for registration / any further information.

Various Package are available.

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