Dato Sri Liow Soon Hee sponsored tuition fee for single mother's son

A single mother contacted Uncle Kentang through Whatsapp to ask for help.

Because her child was in arrears tuition fee and was unable to continue his education and had been stopped his study for a year. Therefore, she could not stand to ruin her child’s future, so she found out that businessman Dato Liow Soon Hee had helped another college student to continue his studies, so she decided to take courage and try to contact Dato Sri Liow Soon Hee through Uncle Kentang.

Fortunately, the kind-hearted businessman Dato Liow Soon Hee was very willing to help, and immediately agreed to her help and solved the single mother’s troubles! Although Dato Sri Liow did not know the single mother, he was still willing to help her unconditionally!

Because he believed that teenagers is the future pillar of the country! He also hoped that the teenager could continue his studies and contribute to the society or country in the future.