Digital Tutors: Introduction to Photoshop CS3

Digital Tutors: Introduction to Photoshop CS3
2 CD | 622 + 460 Mb

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Introduction to Photoshop CS3 (e-download) Get started with Photoshop CS3. Learn a non-destructive workflow and creative techniques that can be used for Print, Web, and Design. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training. Great for those new to Photoshop CS3 and seeking time-saving tips.

Popular highlights include:

  • Tool Overview
  • Palette Overview
  • Print / Web / Design Workflows
  • Non-Destructive Workflow
  • Managing Multi-layer Documents
  • Creating Effects
  • Restoring Photographs
  • Enhancing Photographs
  • Color Adjustments and Correction
  • Utilizing Automation Scripts
  • Creating Actions
  • Building Web Galleries
  • Using Photomerge
  • Using Bridge
  • Working with Camera Raw Images
  • Compressing Images for Web
  • Working with Smart Objects & Smart Filters
  • Importing Adobe Illustrator Files

CD 1:

CD 2:

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