hello... my fren name loo_88 can login la

why my fren name loo_88 register liao long time still not yet get email 2 verify geh ???



wait ya. i check 1st

[email protected]

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[email protected]


and then i got many fren also no receive verify email wor

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and then i got many fren also no receive verify email wor


sorry to say that this is the user problem for the public mail box, not an issue of the forum; lemme explain;

the default settings for anti-spam protection provided by most public email service providers (e.g. hotmail.com, yahoo!) is more strict than before, in order to protect its users from spam (which is a good news; we do not need to do so much work in order to keep our boxes clean and tidy); however, most anti-spam measures provided by these services are based on various mechanisms, such as text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases; there is a potential problem in these systems, especially when they do not have proper user inputs: they CANNOT recognize the good or bad mails (e.g. mails about viagra might be spam to most of us, but it is good to pharmaceutical companies, which might look for promotions offered by the company and alternative sources to the product). so, if we depend on the anti-spam engines themselves to do their work; it is most likely you will never received anything in near future (maybe except those who are in your address book)

however, the developers of these mechanisms are smart. they have always added a place in their systems to allow the users to manage their own safe list, i.e. the email addresses or domains that they think are safe to received mails from (see, the developers understand one thing: users have brains, computers do not); this particular section actually give its users the power to decide which email address is good and safe to come into their mailboxes; they CAN customize to allow mails from any domains previously tagged as a source of spam to become safe;

if you look carefully in the public mail systems, you will definitely find that particular section in your options/settings page;

for instance, in hotmail, if you click on the options link at the top right of the page, you will find a link called Junk E-Mail Protection. click on the link will lead you to a new page, with various protection settings, one of which is called Safe List; click on it and then add perak.org into the list. when you do not need it, you can just check on perak.org’s checkbox and remove it from the list;

in yahoo! mail, i couldn’t find this option (which is not good). but wait, their spamguard actually allows us to let the emails tagged as spam by the system to stay in the Bulk Folder for at least a week. so whenever you use yahoo! mail; remember that also check your emails in the Bulk Folder for possible incoming no-spam emails. be careful, especially when you wish to help yahoo! to fight spam: when you mark an email as spam, the email address might be automatically added into your block list; you might want to make regular checks on that list, in case you have blocked the wrong address!

so, if you have done the above and still have the similar problems, post it here.