iPhone Community Service

For 2G iPhone users

  • You can JB and Unlock your phone with no further complications

For Locked 3G iPhone users

  • If you’re using a locked set, it can be unlock depending on the baseband version using yellowsnow.

For Officially Unlock 3G Users

  • run pwnage.

Services includes :

  1. Firmware upgrade (from 1.1.3 to the latest 2.2.1)
  2. OS troubleshooting (Apple looping circle and etc)
  3. Restoring
  4. Activating without jailbreaking
  5. Jailbreaking
  6. Creating an iTunes account for Appstore
  7. Giving some tricks and tips for beginner

Anyone interested to learn/upgrade/service/fix their iPhone can give me a call at 016-5143343 or 012-5536463 - Nixon

Price will range from RM30-RM80 depending on the required services.
Or a cup or starbucks coffee will do if it’s just a small matter.

You can give me a call too if you wanted to buy/sell iPhone.
The price of officially unlocked iPhone 3G now is :

  • 8GB from RM2299
  • 16GB from RM2599

Strictly Ipoh only.
Thanks for reading

What your phone can look like after jailbreak.

Jailbreaking in process

Some common questions regrading jailbreaking process

Why should you jailbreak?

  1. Use your iPhone as a Modem

Your iPhone has an ‘unlimited’ data connection, it also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as does your laptop. Put the two together and you’ve got a terms and conditions breaching mobile broadband solution! iPhoneModem is such a ridiculously obvious and helpful thing it almost criminal it’s not supplied as standard. (O2 do ban this specifically in iPhone contracts - beware.)

  1. Get skins and themes

Why wait for Apple to charge you another £10 to add this with the next firmware update, when with WinterBoard you can have it now! With a host of incredibly complete themes already available you can customise everything from the lock screen to your Wi-Fi strength icons.

  1. Sync Google Calendar

We’re left incredulous that Google Calendar can’t synchronise by default with the built in one. It beggars belief - especially when the email happily works with Google Mail. Thankfully NemusSync solves that problem beautifully with two way syncing at the press of a button.

  1. Get Google maps offline

Sometimes the ingeniousness of people stuns us. But with OfflineMaps you can preload Google Maps that have been downloaded on your desktop using GMDL. It’s not totally straightforward, but once you’ve done one it’s easy and lets you access maps offline, though there’s obviously no search.

  1. Make and add ringtones

Free yourself from the tyranny of iTunes! A massive library of downloadable ringtones exist and neat little tools such as ToneFX can help you create your own and upload them easily to your iPhone, even shuffling them and enabling you to add them to text messages.

  1. Read your documents

It seems insane but there’s no direct PDF, text, Word or spreadsheet reader built in or available on the iPhone or iPod touch. Sure you can email PDFs to yourself, but that’s not always convenient. Docs is a good stab at bridging the gap and provides a file browser to boot.

  1. Get to grips with all the preferences

Everyone loves tweak tools and BossPrefs offers a host of handy extras, such as quick reboot and locks alongside the ability to hide many of the system status icons. So you can have your iPhone as busy or uncluttered as you like.

  1. Easily toggle the Wi-Fi on or off

It might seem picky but we like saving seconds and that’s just what WiFiToggle can do. No need to drill down though the Settings menus any longer, just tap the icon and it’ll automatically enable and connect to any known wireless networks.

  1. Go Open Source for media

While it’s hardly perfect, we’re glad to see that someone has got round to porting this Open Source media player to the iPhone. A touch on the slow side, so it’ll need some work, but it’s another step in the right direction to cutting out annoying and time consuming re-encoding.

  1. Get Video recording FOR FREE!

  2. Sending and receiving MMS!

  3. Getting your contact numbers appears properly when receiving a call.

Will my warranty void after jailbreaking?

Yes and no.
Yes because if you return the device to Apple in jailbroken state, they might refuse to fix the device for you.
But if you restore it back to the un-jailbroken state, everything is ok. No harm done.

If i want to go back to my previous un-jailbroken state, is it possible?

Yes and i will do it for free if you changed your mind after that, but i assure you that you wont. :slight_smile:

Updated :

Now with the new 3.0, iPhone 3G can MMS and other new functions aswell…