ipoh 学院哪间有的读programming 好的。。

我是想读jaya , PHP 之类的。。
我读过C++ , C , VB 了 还想学多几个…

informatic i guess

我读那间 ITP 咯~ 我也学了你想要学的了 可是全部皮毛~ wahaha

self learning in the net is best, all the center in ipoh is rubbish, dun think got a center really use the heart to teach u programming in Ipoh, all are just concern about ur $$$$$$.

If u want to learn php, learn from web, i also learn php from web. But nowadays when working dun think that u can coding a programm from sketch and ur boss will admire u, haha. In this century, u need to know how to find a shortcut for every task instead tell ur boss u knwo this u know that, its USELESS, its better know how to find a short cut [s:1]