Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 微軟出的加密軟件

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0是一款功能超群的加密軟件,它界面友好,簡單易用,采用先進的文件系統驅動技術及安全可靠的加密算法,真正意義上的實現了與Windows文件系統的無縫集成,全面保證加密文件夾的私密性和安全性!

同時,Microsoft Private Folder 1.0並沒有與Windows 的登陸賬戶綁定,即使系統崩潰或重裝,加密數據也可輕松恢複。通過導入導出功能,還能夠在攜帶或轉移資料過程中保證數據的私密性。真正意義上的實現了:只要密碼在手,文件安全無憂!


運行Microsoft Private Folder 1.0的軟硬件環境要求:

· Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Media Center Edition

· Super VGA (800 x 600) 或更高分辨率的顯卡和顯示器

請注意:Microsoft Private Folder 1.0是專門爲正版Windows用戶提供的,只有通過正版Windows驗證才能夠進行下載和安裝。本軟件是免費的,不提供任何産品支持。






shhhhh… dun tell anyone i using pirated windows xp service pack 2…
but is it stil can use the private folder thing??


for encryption and hash, i suggest using gpg at ; it is famous in linux; it supports OpenPGP standards and built-in with many formats (encryption and hash; the latest versions also support SHA512 - MD5 and SHA1 can be broken; of course they are still considered ‘safe’ to layman since it needs skills to break them);

you can get windows GUI from (that is, if you really need it);

gpg can be used with other communication tools; with thunderbird, via enigmail plugin, you can even sign your emails using gpg; (outlook express will need oe plugin, find that in