once you lost your handphone what will you do first?

i believe there must be a lots of people experience it before. can you tell me what is the first step we must do once we lost our mobile phone?you also can suggest any sulution to prevent this problems![/color] or you want to express your feeling of losing your lovely mobile phone… all are welcome…[move]prevent criminal![/move]

i losr my purse got but not hp

thanks for sharing


1st, cry
2nd, find
3rd, call baba and ask him to cancel my sub-line
4th, buy a new hp…

last time i lost my hp wen i was sitting for my stpm exam…they even steal my headphone of hp…luckily they din steal the discman, tats my fren’s, not mine…sam tet students, i rmbr u!!!

  1. check/find
  2. go service center request for new sim card
  3. buy new hp

this should post here meh…? not under hp category ???

cry and call back to tell my parents … ask them to buy me another one