Pamela Anderson胸部的理论(好笑!〕

不好笑别怪我, 因为你不明白。[s:2]
The Ratio of Pamela’s Breasts over Pamela’s Head vs. Time
shiqiz 语译: Pamela 的胸部与头部随着时间的对比

As previously suspected, and as demonstrated in this recently up-dated chart. The “temporary” slight-dip in the chart has swung back up, substantially ! ! !

Notice that in the early years, Pamela was lacking of breasts. As they grew, they grew quickly then tapered off. Then, at around the age of 22, she had her first implants. Her breast size grew exponentially for a time before tapering off just before the age of 29. A couple of years later (for those of us who keep track of this stuff) most of the male population on planet Earth were dis-heartened to learn of Pam’s decision to “downsize” her implants. However, this “down-sizing” lasted only several months… It was then followed by the eye-popping set of “tah-tahs” she displayed at the 2002 Academy Awards, the Oscars, VH1 and other public events…

shiqiz语译: Pamela在她22岁时做了第一次的隆胸手术。29岁前她的胸部迅速发展。几年后,当全世界男人获悉Pamela要缩小她胸部的size后感到dis-heartened<-(我不懂什么意思.)。 但这项缩小只维持了几个月。过后她便在大家眼前show出她那让人吐艳的双峰。

Please note that there is a distinct & direct relationship between Pamela’s Breasts and the amount of silicone remaining in the Earth.
shiqiz 语译:Pamela的胸部与地球的Silicon值量有着直接与重要的联系。

Number of Pentium Motherboards that can be made from the silicone in Pamela’s current breasts:
shiqiz 语译:Pamela胸部里的Silicon分量足以做的Pentium Motherboards的数量
23 (updated to) 36

Notice the similarities between the Earth and Pamela’s Breasts.
shiqiz 语译:留意地球与Pamela的胸部的相似处

Here’s photo evidence. Please note the distinct size change in each picture.
shiqiz 语译:以下是证据! 请留意各照片里显著的体积改变

If Pamela continues at her current rate of expansion,
this is what she will look like by the year 2023.
shiqiz 语译:如果Pamela的胸部持续现在的扩展度的话, 在2023年时她将会变成这样子。

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