Unknown's Windows XP Tweak ..

So you want the most out of your PC? These are tweaks I do to allow my PC to perform better. Increase boot time, decrese memory usage and so on. These are tweaks I use form many pages I have read off the net and tried out for performance. So I take no credit for them and you can find them at the links below. I am just trying to pass on the knowledge to others who don’t know about them and maybe they can learn a few things about their PC. Use these at your own will and if you mess up, then take a PC course .


Ok how many of you have services running that don’t need to be running? You be surprise how many you can turn off and not even need. This will free up lots of memory of your system. The PC I have the hub running on only uses 48MB of memory on a boot up. To see how much you use, do a reboot and load nothing. Look at your Task Manager and see how much memory is being used on the bottom right where it says Commit Charge.

To open your services go to Control Panel —> Administratice Tools —> Services

These are the services I turn off (Disable). To disbale a service simply double click on a service and select Disable in the startup type in the drop down. Read what each one does if your not to sure to disable.

Automatic Updates
I personly do my own updates. If you just check at http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp at times you don’t need to run this. I feel the less resources used, the better the PC Runs.

Computer Browser
(It’s not for IE) BlackViper Says - Computer Browser service maintains a listing of computers and resources located on the network. This service is not required on a standalone system. In fact, even if you want to browse the network (workgroup or domain) or have mapped network shares as local hard drives, you can still do so. On a large network, one computer is designated the “master” browser and another one is the “backup” browser. All others just announce they are available every 12 minutes to “take over” duties if one of the other computers fail. No lag time is discernable if this service remains disabled on all but one computer. Honestly, I do not even believe one needs to be running. You could, “just in case,” but it sure does not need to be running on all computers, all of the time.

Distributed Link Tracking Client
Maintains links with NTFS files within your computer or across a domain. Who is on a domain at home? So you won’t need this and it will free up another 3MB - 4MB of Ram.

DNS Client
I now turn this off as I was seeing it was opening port. This will cache a site for faster lookup. If you find surfing has slowed or pages load up way slower then you may want to keep this on. Those on Cable or DSL may not see a difference. So try it off and on and see what you like. If you use VPN at home then you need this.

Error Reporting Service
Do you want to report that error to M$? Naaa they should be bug free in the first place. So I rather keep more of my resources and turn this service off. You will no longer get that popup message asking you if you like to send to M$.

Fast User Switching Compatibility
If your the only person who uses the PC then you don’t need this. If you have other family members and keep different profiles for each other then you can keep this on as when one logs off and other on it loads up faster. Since only I use my PC I disable it. My GF has her own PC to do her own stuff.

Help and Support
I look for any help off the net. I don’t use Windows Help at all. So again why have it on if not using it? Disable if you don’t use the Windows Help. Note that if you do use it the service will come back as Automatic. It may also come back at times if you do a Windows Update. So check the service if you do.

Oh how we love those pop up grey SPAM boxes telling how to remove that box for $20. Well do it for free and Disable it! Also with the new exploit that is out you are best to disable it since now with an exploit someone can run stuff off your PC!

Print Spooler
I personly don’t have a printer, never needed one for some reason. So I disable this. Many of you will have printers so don’t touch this if so. If you remote into your PC, Remote Desktop (XP Pro), make sure you turn it off on the client program or it will generate a errro.

Remote Registry (XP Pro)
Now we don’t want someone to remote into your PC and mess with your registry do we? This is not needed at all and should be the first to turn off. Only big corparations may use this.

Secondary Logon
BlackViper Says - Enables starting processes under alternate credentials. I have never found a reason to keep this service running. I have always considered “Alternate Credentials” someone other than me! Not my idea of fun… Really, though, it allows a “limited user” account to start an application or process with higher privileges, such as the Administrator account or another user. You can also have a privileged user start an application or process with limited privileged account. If you right-click a file, the menu will display “Run As” option. If you disable this service, that function will no longer be available

SSDP Discovery Service
UPnP to locate decives over your network. So if you have say a printer over network it may use this service to run that printer. If you have any external devices that don’t work by chance if you disable then turn it back on. With this service on it can be a security risk. Many of you won’t eben need this.

Provides support for Netbios. For one you shouldn’t even have Netbios on for home as it is a HUGE security risk. If you have to manualy enter in your WINS settings you may need this. Turn it off first and see all is ok if so.

Since I am on cable I do not need this on. If on Dial-Up you need this and don’t touch this. Some DSL services may need this. So again disable it and if your network doesn’t work then turn it back to Manual (Default Setting).

Upload Manager
This service sends Driver information to M$. Again I don’t want to send M$ any info and thus I Disable it.

This is for M$ .NET services. I don’t use any .NET services personly and thus have no need for it. But if by chance you use MSN Explorer, MSN MEssenger, Net Meeting, Media Player and something doesn’t work on it then turn it back on.

Windows Time
Keeps an Atomic time on your PC as it will check the Time Servers on the net. If you want your clock to be always perfect then keep this on. My self, I don’t want the port always open so I disable it. My cable box keeps perfect time for me on my TV.

Wireless Zero Configuration
If you don’t use a Wireless Network and maybe for some PDA and Laptops then you don’t need this to start. Other wise don’t touch it. My system is your basic Desktop system through a Cable Modem.

This is used for File & Print Sharing or Network Printing. If you don’t use these then you can disable it. But for safe keeping I set this to Manual incase it needs to start up.

If you have other services your not sure about that are set to Automatic then I suggest you read what BlackViper says about them to get a better understanding…


After you set to what you like, reboot the PC.

System Tweaks

Other tweaks I do on the system. Again you may not want to do these if you use them.

System Restore - I don’t use it and don’t care to. I feel it’s a waste of space. If you mess up your system it could help bring it back if you don’t know how to fix it. If so then keep it on.

To turn of Right Click on My Computer —> Properties —> System Restore Tab
Check the Box to turn it off. If the service is on then disable it. Reboot PC after this.

Automatic Updates - Again I do them manualy and I like to see what I update. Still under the Properties of My Computer turn this off. It may not be on if the service is disable.

Remove Remote & Remote Desktop - XP Pro, Select the Remote Tab and turn these off, uncheck the boxes. Don’t people remoting into your PC by chance do ya?

Defrag - Defrag your PC after installing or removing programs. This will keep your system speedy.

Drivers - I make sure I have my Video, Sound, NIC Card, System Board drivers all up to date. Newer drivers will make your system run more stable at most times and run faster.

Bootvis - Increase your boot time with this program. Download it at the link… http://www.angelfire.com/games/button/bootvis.msi . If it won’t download, then wait cause the bandwith is used up. Simple install this program then run it. Next select Trace —> Optimize System. Reboot your system and let it do it’s thing. Do do anything for about 5 to 10 min to be sure it is done. Then restart your system to see if it increase your boot time.

Windows XP Prefetch - This can use system memory and resource when it becomes filled up. But at the same time it speed things up. Download this program --> http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=2495
Check the Monitor Application and Boot File Launch (Windows Default) and hit the Set Prefetch Parameters button. Then click the Clean Prefetch Folder Now.

Disable Netbios - Now we don’t want people to know your PC name right? Well here is how to turn this off. Go into your Network Properties. There you will see Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Click on this and hit the properties button. Next hit Advance —> Wins Tab —> DIsable NetBios over TCP. While in the network settings disbale File & Print Sharing and QoS Packet Scheduler. If you share files between PC’s then keep it on, but your open to an attack unless your behind a good Router Firewall. This applies to the services above also if you share. Make sure you read the proper one.


On no, I have to perform Brain Surgey?? Yes if you like your system to perfom better . If you don’t like even touching the registry then don’t bother as if you make a wrong mistake you can TOTALY FUCK your system! My self, I just redo my system . Always back up your Registry when making changes.

Port 445 - I personly turn off EVERY port that is running on my system. When I boot up, no port is running. If you want to see what ports are running on your system? Reboot your PC, open a CMD window (Start --> Run --> cmd). Type in netstat -an

You should see your local IP address or (XXX = Port). For example you should see This means port 135 is open on your PC. To turn that off fully follw the services I mention above PLUS you have to turn off Task Manger in the services. 135 is ok and not really a threat.

Back to 445 Port. To turn this off open up your Registry (Start --> Run --> Registry) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT\Parameters
Now in the Right hand window you will create a new key. To do this right click in the area and select New --> DWORD. You will now see a new key as New Value #1 ready for a new name. You want to name this as SMBDeviceEnabled. Close the registry and reboot your system and port 445 will now be closed.

Unload DLL’s for Memeory - Go to location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer
On the right hand side right click in the empty space and select New -->Key. A new folder will apear in the Explorer tree. Name it as AlwaysUnloadDLL . Now double click the Default key on the right menu and enter in the value data as 1. Reboot system.

Network - If your on Cable or DSL download this program to speed up your Internet, can be use for Dial-Up also if you like to try (Not for AOL Dial-UP though)… http://www.speedguide.net/files/TCPOptimizer.exe
Now to use simply double click it. Before making any changes back up your current settings File --> Backup current settings and save the file. Pick what type of connection you haveon top. Next check the Optimal Setting below and hit Appy settings. Reboot PC and see if your net seems faster or downloads. Now if is seems slower check your MTU speed. Go back to the program and select MAX MTU tab. Enter in any site that you can ping such as here. You should see this or close to it…

Pinging [] with 32 bytes ->bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 750 bytes ->bytes=750 time=45ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1125 bytes ->bytes=1125 time=51ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1312 bytes ->bytes=1312 time=56ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1406 bytes ->bytes=1406 time=93ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1453 bytes ->bytes=1453 time=81ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1476 bytes -> …fragmented
Pinging [] with 1465 bytes ->bytes=1465 time=65ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1470 bytes ->bytes=1470 time=136ms TTL=242
Pinging [] with 1473 bytes -> …fragmented
Pinging [] with 1472 bytes ->bytes=1472 time=86ms TTL=242
The largest possible non-fragmented packet is 1472 (1500 - 28 ICMP & IP headers).
You can set your MTU to 1500

See what your MAX is. If it isn’t 1500 then go back to Settings tab and select Custom button and change the MTU to the MAX it showed you. Reboot and see how it is then. If still not as good then reload your default settings from the file you saved, Files, Restore Settings.

Windows Run - To disable program from starting up you can do this 2 ways. Go into MSConfig and uncheck what your don’t want or do what I do, totaly delete them. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Look on the right hand side and see what you don’t want to start up, for example if you have Quick Time install. You don’t need this to start, it’s a waste of memory.

Well this just about does it. If you like to tweak even futher then check out these sites and read them and see if there is anything you may like or want as a tweak. If your not sure of something give a post and I will see what it is and if it is safe to remove. If you have a port open you want to know about or close let me know. There are more tweaks I haven’t posted here, these are most of them.

Hope this helps some of you . Post your finding and if any of this helped you.

More website about tweaking your windows Xp … :slight_smile: