Girls be very careful. Guys, forward to your girlfriend.
Husbands, forward to your wife…!!! Indonesian gangs rapes any females - BEWARE!!!
These creatures that look like human called Indonesians are now raping 8 years old girl…!!! Please set up an alarm system in your house…!!! The money is not worth saving…!!! It will be too late for all you know. These Indonesians would rape any females ranging from 1 year old to as old as 90 years old.



Police have mounted an inter-state manhunt for a notorious gang which robbed a couple before raping their eight-year-old daughter in their Kepong home on Monday. They believe the same gang is also behind Tuesday’s incident where a 31-year-old housewife was gang raped by five men in front of her husband at a house in Kelana Jaya after relieving them off RM30,000 in cash and valuables. In the first incident on Monday, three knife-wielding men broke into house in Bukit Maluri, Kepong, at 2.30am and held up the family. The robbers, who entered from the back door, then threatened the couple and their three children before tying them and ransacking the house.

Several minutes later, two of the robbers took the couple’s eldest daughter to a room and allegedly raped her. The gang then fled after 40 minutes with about RM5,000 in cash and valuables.

City police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Meor Chek Hussin Mahayuddin said police had also beefed-up patrols in the area. They are liaising with their counterparts in Negri Sembilan where the gang is believed to be also operating.

p/s. I suppose it serves as a warning to ppl working late… esp gals… don’t work too late and be alone in shady places… take care…



for gal only ?

thx for the valueble information,girls should be more alert



This happened to my friends who came to visit from Miri in Parkson, Gurney (Penang). So be careful!!!

They were in the changing room in the lingerie department, and one of them looked up because she heard some noises and saw someone peeping. They walked out to check and caught 2 Parkson male employees in the storeroom (The changing rooms might be connected to the storeroom, I’m not too sure). Anyway, the 2 boys (18 years old only!!!) were videotaping my friends and there were already 5 girls videoed before! These videos were only taken last night (31/07/2006) and who knows how many girls were videoed already.

My friends did not have time to make a police report because they are leaving today, but Parkson management assured them that they will take the appropriate actions. Apparently, the sports department is near to the lingerie department. I’m not too sure about this layout, but they should not have male employees working near the lingerie department.

The 2 boys confessed that this has been going on for months, and before they worked there, the peep hole was already done by previous employees. They promised not to post any videos because my friends photocopied their ICs and threaten to make a police report if there are any videos of any girls from Parkson, Penang. My friends took the culprits’ phones already to ensure the videos are deleted. I am so tempted to post their names but not sure if I will get into any trouble!

Personally, I think they should have made the police report regardless of the age.

Ladies, please, please look around and make sure the changing rooms are secure and there are no holes here and there, and there are actually ceilings on top of us. Parkson’s changing rooms have no proper ceilings; hence anyone is able to easily video tape whoever is inside. I know you all probably get this kind of emails all the time, but it happened to my friend LAST NIGHT (31/07/2006) in GURNEY.

Guys, please tell your family and friends.


hope… all the girls… and all the guys pls protect, n take care all ur belover good


现在的治安…摇头 [s:6]


Be very very careful … Ladies, u must read this for safety precautions when staying in a hotel.

Please keep in mind when you are travelling and forward to female friends and colleagues who may travel alone. To the guys, share this with your sisters and all those women you know. I’ve always used the menu which hang outside your doorknob to order breakfast when on busines trips. I was recently staying at a well-known hotel and I ordered room service for the next day On the flyer-like thing that you stick outside your door. On this order form, one writes her name, how many persons will be eating, your room number, time of delivery, etc.

I hung it on the outside of my door for collection - it was a mistake! I had given someone all the ammunition that he would need. That someone went to my door-tag… got my name and room number… And then told the front desk that he was my husband (remember my tag showed 1 female name) and that he needed a new key. The clerk … WITHOUT ASKING FOR ID OR CALLING MY ROOM … GAVE HIM MY ROOM KEY!

At 2 a.m. I was awakened by my door opening (luckily I had put the security bar across) with a man’s hand trying to figure out how to get the bar undone. I started yelling at him and told him that I was on the phone with the police. He shut the door and left. I called down to the lobby and spoke with the Front Desk - I wanted to alert Security about the incident. The hotel staff person said and I quote, “Oops, sorry about that” then hung up. Well, let’s just say that I was both terrified and angry the rest of the night.

Next morning, I spoke with a Hotel Manager whose eyes almost popped out of his head when he learned that his clerk had given an unidentified stranger a key to my room. Am I glad that I am typing this to all of you with my 2 year old kid on my lap. I don’t want to think of what might
have happened if the safety chain/bar had not been secured.

Please forward this to your female family members & friends. Better be safe than sorry.


thank for sharing…


This is true experience. This message was passed to us with the consent of the victim.
Yesterday evening, one of our staff wives arrived with their child to do some shopping together with the husband in KLCC.
After they have finished shopping, they have to go home in separate car because they came in with 2 cars.
The child followed the father car and the wife parked at level P2.
When the wife wanted to pay for the parking, she found out she has lost the ticket. The parking attendant asked her to go to KLCC Parking Office.
So she goes to the office hoping to get some help. At the KLCC Parking Office, one parking attendant said she has to go to KLCC Security office. He offered to take her a ride on his motorbike, but she refuse and follows his bike behind in the Kancil.
He took her to P1 and then they reach a narrow alley where the car could not go through. He then asked her to ride on his motorbike instead and leave her car behind.
At the end of the alley, there were 3 GUYS waiting for them, all of them dressed in neat uniform, they tried to gang rape her.
But fortunately, with the strength from the God, she managed to kick one of them where it HURT the most and ran away as fast as she could.
She went up to the place where most of the shoppers around and she could think of - Picnic Court. Because her hubby does not own a handphone, she had to wait for him to reach home before she could contact him.She called him up later and asked him to come and fetch her.

She dare not report this occurrence to any KLCC security guard.She does not TRUST them any longer. (I won’t to, given the same situation)
They reported the incident to the police. Then the police called her up again to identify the personnel. But due the shock and trauma, she could not recognize them.
All of them were wearing cap at that time. There were 4 Malays guy all together.

  • 1 wearing a light yellow top with dark blue bottom (KLCC parking maintenance)
  • 2 wearing white tops with dark bottom (parking attendant)
  • 1 wearing a light brown top with dark bottom (KLCC Suria parking And Park security guard)
    According to the police, countless incidences of gang rape happen herein KLCC. And they suspected that it is an inside job.
    The staff’s wife wishes all women staff of Petronas to be careful in the future especially in the parking area and toilets, this goes for the Men as well. Please warn your wife/family members or friends.

A few days ago, 7th August 2006, after work at around 6:30pm, while I was at the traffic light waiting for the green light, I was robbed by 2 men on a motorbike, a crime that I thought would never happened. This happened in Wangsa Maju, the traffic light after TAR College heading towards JPJ Wangsa Maju. All the while, we’ve been cautioned to lock the doors upon entering the car. I did just that without failed. That is obviously not enough.

These rotten bastards (pardon my language) are getting more and more daring. They must have followed my car and struck the moment it came to a halt . It all happened so fast. After I heard a loud crash on my window (like someone was throwing a heavy stone on my window glass), the next thing I knew, someone was grabbing my handbag which I put on the passenger’s sit next to me and ran towards his accomplice who was waiting in front. Had I known that this type of crime does happen and had I had that caution at the back of my head, I may have been able to react and save my handbag. So, please spread the words so that everyone is aware of this.

Always be watchful wherever you are, no place is safe. What happened to me took place in broad daylight, tens of cars and motorbikes around (those who live in KL would know how it’s like around 6:30pm where everyone rushes back from work). No one moved an inch!! Gone are the days when people would jump to your rescue when in need, can’t blame them much, these criminals can be highly dangerous. Ladies, keep in mind (and guys remind those you care about):

  1.   Never to put your handbag (or anything at all for that matter that may attracts the attention of these pathetic, lazy people) on the seats.  Keep them out of sight
  2.   If you can afford it, get your window glass tinted , it can prevent the glass from falling into pieces immediately when someone is trying to break it.  This may deter these useless people from attacking
  3.   Always be watchful of any suspicious motorists around you .  I was caught off guard because all the while I thought by locking the doors I am safe, I was wrong!!
  4.   As much as you can, try to avoid places where you have to make too many stops at traffic lights
  5.   Scream for help when you're attacked, there may be some Samaritans around.  

It’s not so much of the money you lose that matters most, it’s the hassle that you have to go through having lost your IC, ATM Cards, Credit Cards, Driving License etc. The government dept. involved, the banks, care less about how you lose all these, not only you have to deal with the nightmare, they top-it-up with all the fees and penalties that you have to pay for losing them, regardless of how!!

I hope by sharing this, we all learn a lesson from it.

Stay safe!

Stephanie Urai