ipoh 3G

Ipoh got 3G now , fast come buy 1 X-pax 3G at qiant now ~~~ [s:7] [s:7] [s:7]

only in ipoh ah…??


my n70 finally can 100% release his power…

Finally,it comes…

only celcom X-Pax 3G ~ one new starter pack only 28 ringgit only …

y so cheap de?..

this is the true price … don let the bad guy earn ur money ~~ know ?

ooo…dun let ppl earn,let u earn?haha…

not lar ~~ this is true price ~~

let me got my 6280 in my hand 1st…
if buy 3G also no use de la…
non of my fren got using 3g!!! =.=’’’

-,-" kk ~~ wait u all ~~
me also don have ~~ kaka ~~

ll wai dreaming~

trust angel_bear, go giant buy~!!!


yaya ~~ 3g ~~~
CELCOM . play in your hand ~


maxis got ma>??

who said one?

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who said one?


me say me say ~~ kakaka ~~ buy 1 try lar ~~