MRZ Super SLR廣告 ~

MRZ Super SLR廣告 ~

MEZ Super Car SRL

MEZ Super Car SRL


下面是引用bebecheong于2005-12-02 10:53 AM发表的:
oh…i want it i want it!!is my dream car o
but i hav no MM la
so sad T-T…
anyway u know where hav place for sales demo car wan ar?i want to buy tat car demo la…
real wan i cnt buy but demo wan i think i can buy it la!!

ask ur bf buy for u !

show me!

下面是引用jc_wps于2005-12-05 06:32 PM发表的:
show me!

JC sunday9 drive ur car ok?


car advertisement ?

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my dream car… [s:5]

see see pls…

let me c c



the post is 1 years ago. . . try me luck here. . .


引用第0楼ipoh2005-12-02 08:39 AM发表的“MRZ Super SLR廣告 ~”:

lol,is merz benz???what car?