QuarkXPress 7.0 Portable

Simple. It’s the best.

Start with a highly-evolved user interface for maximum productivity, then dive into the powerful features and functionality. You’ll quickly discover how QuarkXPress® 7 surpasses the competition in design, collaboration, and production.

Control the transparency of text, images, frames, and tables independently, rather than applying transparency to an entire object at once.

Manage your images with in-the-layout image editing. Controls such as scaling, cropping, and rotation are managed by a built-in image engine. Globally set images for the correct resolution and dramatically reduce your print times.

Enable multiple users to collaborate on a single design at the same time from anywhere on the planet. QuarkXPress 7 is the only design and page layout software that offers the revolutionary Composition Zones™ technology.

Synchronize your text and graphics instantly throughout your entire project with the shared content capabilities in QuarkXPress 7. Edit an image, correct a typo, change a font, or reshape a box in one layout and watch the changes update everywhere - an impressive feature for increased consistency and decreased errors.

Define styles, colors, printing specifications, and more before designers have even started on a layout. Quark Job Jackets™ technology uses industry-standard Job Definition Format (JDF) files to ensure a print job adheres to exact specifications from the beginning of the creative process through output.

Establish your advanced color management settings globally, removing the responsibility from the individual designer. Print providers can send a Job Jackets file with embedded color settings, allowing for true, on-screen proofing for your workflow.

Designers, publishers, and printers around the world are taking advantage of the powerful new QuarkXPress 7. And they’re not being shy about the experience.






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