user right

如果我不想我电脑(除了administrator 之外)可以用到某些软件和程式,有办法吗??
就拿internet explorer这程式,我只要adminsistrator 可以用, 不想其他user可以用,有办法吗??

simple。select the program iexplore.exe, right-click and select the properties page; then goto the security section; delete every user in the list except administrator;

i think you can also modify the accessible program list using gpedit.msc; press window.key + R; then type gpedit.msc and press enter to fire up the interface;

  1. under computer configuration goto windows settings > security settings > software restriction settings
  2. after setting up proper rules, in the enforcement file at the right pane choose the enforcement type; you can choose to allow only local administrators in your case.

i think you should find out more about the configurations before you do anything;