Liverpool Football Club 红军利物浦

LFC Story

If it wasn’t for one man, Liverpool Football Club would never have been born. When Everton left Anfield in a dispute over rent in 1892, club chairman John Houlding stayed behind along with a handful of supporters and just three first-team players. But he was determined to see football continue at the ground. He formed a new club from scratch, chose the name Liverpool… and created a legend.
Even John Houlding couldn’t have predicted how successful it would become. More than 100 years on, no English club can match the LiverpoolFC roll of honour; League Champions 18 times, FA Cup winners seven times, League Cup winners seven times, European Cup winners five times and UEFA Cup winners three times.

When it is completed, the History channel will chart the rise and rise of Liverpool FC to the very summit of the England game, from the struggles of the early years right up to Gerard Houllier’s historic treble in 2001. This channel will recall glorious domestic victories and European triumphs and reflect on the tragedies of Heysel and Hillsborough.

We’ve focused on 10 key dates in Liverpool Football Club’s history to begin with but over time, we’ll have over 100 chapters in this section alone as we present the ultimate history of England’s greatest ever football club. This is a story of incredible passion and pride - a story that not only inspires Liverpool fans but football supporters the world over.

1892 – Liverpool Football Club formed
The history of Liverpool Football Club begins with our greatest rivals and neighbours, Everton, for it was from a dispute with Everton that Liverpool Football Club was born.

1901 - Our first title win
In mid-February of the 1900-01 season, Liverpool had lost eight games and conceded 31 goals and the championship looked a pipe-dream. Twelve games later and after nine wins and three draws, the title was ours. Here’s how we did it

1950 - First Wembley appearance
Arsenal provided the opposition when Liverpool made their first appearance at Wembley. It should have been a momentous occasion in the club’s history but a 2-0 defeat prolonged the Reds’ wait for FA Cup glory.

1959 - Shankly appointed manager
December 1st 1959 is a date that will forever be etched in the annals of Anfield history. For it was on this day that Liverpool Football Club announced Huddersfield Town boss Bill Shankly would be their new manager in succession to Phil Taylor.

1965 - Winning the FA Cup for first time
There was a feeling of quiet optimism around Anfield that this could, at last, be Liverpool’s year in the competition we so desperately craved success in. After all, we were the reigning league champions and, under Bill Shankly, anything seemed possible.

1977 - European Champions
If winning the FA Cup for the first time in 1965 is regarded as the greatest day in the history of Liverpool Football Club, then there is no doubt that winning the European Cup for the first time in 1977 was the greatest night.

1985 - Heysel Disaster
No one will ever forget the tragic events at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels on May 29 1985. Liverpool were playing Juventus in the European Cup Final and what should have been one of the greatest nights in the club’s history turned into the lowest.

1986 - Doing the Double
Liverpool Football Club kicked off the 1985/86 under a giant cloud. The events of Heysel just four months previous had heaped shame on Anfield but that grey cloud was to have a glorious silver lining.

1989 – Hillsborough
On April 15th 1989, over 25,000 Liverpool supporters travelled down to Hillsborough to watch the FA Cup semi-final match with Nottingham Forest. 96 of them never returned.

2001 - Clinching the cup treble
Just four days after dramatically snatching the FA Cup from Arsenal’s grasp in Cardiff, and with the Worthington Cup already safely tucked away in the Anfield trophy cabinet, Liverpool’s class of 2001 completed an unprecedented cup treble.

2005 - Champions League Winners 2005
On what will go down as THE most incredible night in this club’s illustrious history Liverpool reclaimed their crown as Kings of Europe after miraculously overcoming a 3-0 half-time deficit to defeat AC Milan at the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul

2006 - FA CUP WINNERS 2006
The 2006 FA Cup Final will be remembered in Anfield folklore as the Gerrard final as captain fantastic Steven Gerrard rescued Liverpool with a stunning last minute equaliser to break West Ham’s hearts and force extra-time

1ST TEAM SQUAD PROFILESLiverpool FC Squad - 2008-2009

  1. Diego Cavalieri
  2. Andrea Dossena
  3. Sami Hyypia
  4. Daniel Agger
  5. Robbie Keane
  6. Steven Gerrard
  7. Fernando Torres
  8. Andriy Voronin
  9. Albert Riera
  10. Fabio Aurelio
  11. Xabi Alonso
  12. Yossi Benayoun
  13. Jermaine Pennant
  14. Alvaro Arbeloa
  15. Dirk Kuyt
  16. Ryan Babel
  17. Javier Mascherano
  18. Lucas Leiva
  19. Emiliano Insua
  20. Jamie Carragher
  21. David Ngog
  22. Pepe Reina
  23. Jay Spearing
  24. Philipp Degen
  25. Damien Plessis
  26. Krisztian Nemeth
  27. Charles Itandje
  28. Nabil El Zhar
  29. Stephen Darby
  30. Martin Kelly
  31. Ryan Flynn
  32. Steven Irwin
  33. Martin Skrtel
  34. Craig Lindfield
  35. Nathan Eccleston
  36. Martin Hansen
  37. Peter Gulacsi

Liverpool FC Staff
Rafael Benitez - Manager
Sammy Lee - Assistant Manager
Gary Ablett - Reserve Team Manager
Mauricio Pellegrino - First-team Coach
Angel Vales - Reserve Coach and Head of Technical Analysis
Dave McDonough - Technical Analyst
Paco De Miguel - Fitness Coach
Gonzalo Rodriguez - Fitness Coach
Gerard Nus - Fitness Coach
Xavi Valero - Goalkeeping Coach
Eduardo Macia - Chief Scout
Mike McGlynn - Assistant Chief Scout
Mark Waller - Club Doctor
Rob Price - Senior Physiotherapist
Louise Fawcett - Physiotherapist
Victor Salinas - Physiotherapist
Chris Morgan - Physiotherapist
Felix Fernandez Ledesma - Sports Therapist
Paul Small - Masseur
Graham Carter - Kit Manager
John Wright - Kit Man



Football League First Division / Premier League (level 1)
Winners (18): 1900–01, 1905–06, 1921–22, 1922–23, 1946–47, 1963–64, 1965–66, 1972–73, 1975–76, 1976–77, 1978–79, 1979–80, 1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84, 1985–86, 1987–88, 1989–90
Runners-up (11): 1898–89, 1909–10, 1968–69, 1973–74, 1974–75, 1977–78, 1984–85, 1986–87, 1988–89, 1990–91, 2001–02
Second Division (level 2)
Winners (4): 1893–94, 1895–96, 1904–05, 1961–62
Lancashire League
Winners (1): 1892–93

FA Cup
Winners (7): 1965, 1974, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001, 2006
Runners-up (6): 1914, 1950, 1971, 1977, 1988, 1996
League Cup
Winners (7): 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2001, 2003
Runners-up (3): 1978, 1987, 2005
FA Charity Shield / FA Community Shield
Winners (15, 10 outright and 5 shared):[A] 1964 (shared), 1965 (shared), 1966, 1974, 1976, 1977 (shared), 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986 (shared), 1988, 1989, 1990 (shared), 2001, 2006
Runners-up (6): 1922, 1971, 1983, 1984, 1992, 2002
Super Cup
Winners (1): 1986

European Cup
Winners (5): 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005
Runners-up (2): 1985, 2007
Winners (3): 1973, 1976, 2001
UEFA Super Cup
Winners (3): 1977, 2001, 2005
Runners-up (2): 1978, 1984
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
Runners-up (1): 1966
Intercontinental Cup and FIFA Club World Cup
Runners-up (3): 1981, 1984, 2005

[编辑] 歷史

[编辑] 成立早期(1892-1960)
利物浦足球會由約翰賀定(John Houlding)於1892年創立,在空著的晏菲路球場作賽。在前七年,這個球場一直被愛華頓足球會使用。但是,在1881年,晏菲路球場的租賃人賀定購回球場,並決定將租金由每年100鎊提升到250鎊。愛華頓的成員反對,離開晏菲路並搬到葛迪遜公園。

最後球場只剩下3名球員, 賀定於1892年3月15日決定組織自己的足球會。利物浦足球會成立,但本身的名字是愛華頓體育會(Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds, Ltd.),因為足總不肯承認這名字,所以最後改做利物浦足球會。他僱用了約翰麥堅拿並簽下13名蘇格蘭職業球員。




[编辑] 輝煌時期(1960-1985)

自從1960年代,他們告別乙組年代並為英格蘭球壇的強大勢力。在1964年,利物浦自17年來再奪得聯賽冠軍,在其後的賽季首次贏得足總盃,以2-1擊敗列斯聯。並在1966年贏得第8次聯賽冠軍。 利物浦於1973年贏得他們首個歐洲冠軍——歐洲足協盃,兩回合以3-2擊敗慕遜加柏。可惜的是,在一年後第二次奪得足總盃後,比尔·香克利退休了,他的助手鮑勃·佩斯利繼承他在利物浦的事業。



在1980年,利物浦又贏得冠軍,五年內第四次,可惜在足總盃準決賽三次重賽仍沒法勝利,以0-1輸給阿仙奴,雙冠夢幻滅。 皮士利的第三個歐洲盃賽冠軍盃勝利來自1981年,在巴黎以1-0擊敗皇家馬德里。在接下來的兩季,利物浦成為聯賽聯賽盃雙冠王。當皮士利於1983年退休時,本土盃賽中只曾未奪過足總盃。

值得注意的是接任的領隊將會在球會職員中選擇。這是領隊通常稱為"the boot room boys"(boot room是利物浦在晏菲路討論戰術的地方)。因為鮑勃·佩斯利當初也是比尔·香克利的助手,所以鮑勃·佩斯利也將帥位傳給他的助手——經驗豐富的乔·费根。當他於1983年成為領隊時他已是63歲。在他上任的第一季,利物浦成為首間英格蘭球會一季內奪得重大冠軍(聯賽、聯賽盃及歐洲盃賽冠軍盃),成為三冠王。隊中一眾人物像伊恩·拉什、格雷姆·索内斯、肯尼·達格利什等,都成為英格蘭球壇的經典人物[3]。但乔·费根於一季後就辭職了,因為在下一季發生了一單驚人的悲劇。

[编辑] 兩次球場慘劇(1985-1991)


在希斯堡慘劇後,政府開始檢討球場安全,泰萊報告(Taylor Report)立例要求所有甲組聯賽球場都要定為全座位。報告稱災難發生的最大原因是因為警察未能控制太過擠迫的場面。

[编辑] 英超成立(1991-2004)
1991年桑拿士成為新領隊。由於隊中拉什、達格利什等球星相繼退役,利物浦實力大不如前。除了在足總盃勝出,他在位時期並不成功。在足總盃驚訝地被布里斯托尔城擯出局後,伊雲斯接替了他。在他的5年任期內,將球隊賴以成功的傳球走位(pass & move)戰術注入隊中,並重用新星史蒂夫·麦克马纳曼、斯坦·科利莫尔、羅比·福勒以及杰米·雷德克纳普,令球隊成績有一點進步,但仍未曾高過第三位,只贏過1995年的聯賽盃。前法國國家隊教練侯利亞於1998-99賽季加入利物浦,與伊雲斯一起執教,但雙領隊卻未能顯是效果,最終伊雲斯在1998年11月辭職。

2000–01賽季是利物浦很多年來的最好賽季,在主將英格蘭球星迈克尔·欧文帶領下,利物浦奪得了足總盃、聯賽盃及歐洲足協盃。雖然侯利亞在2002年受到心臟病的困擾,並因心臟手術使到他錯過對列斯聯的比賽,但利物浦仍然在2002年奪得亞軍。 外界認為利物浦好像已經重新振作了,但侯利亞只能在任期內再取得一次冠軍——2003年的聯賽盃。利物浦的支持者開始愈來愈焦急,最終侯利亞在2003-04賽季後與利物浦解除合約。

[编辑] 歐洲霸主(2004-2005)







[编辑] 2006-07年
早於2004年已有傳聞當時泰國的總理他信有意收購利物浦部分股權[9],但最終因資金問題告吹。2006年12月利物浦宣佈「杜拜國際基金」(Dubai International Capital,簡稱DIC)考慮全盤收購。DIC是杜拜政府的投資機構,提出四億五千萬英鎊收購價並獲准審閱利物浦的賬目,公眾曾一度相信交易接近完成[10]。

這時候一直表示有興趣收購利物浦的美國大亨佐治吉列(George Gillett Jr)及湯姆·希克斯(Tom Hicks)突然將建議收購價提高到四億七千萬鎊,吃了一記悶棍的DIC立即退出[11]。於2007年2月6日利物浦接納兩名美國大亨收購建議[12],成為繼曼聯及阿士東維拉後第三間被美國富商收購的英超球會。


[编辑] 主場球場

安菲爾德球場安菲尔德球場(Anfield Road,簡稱Anfield)建於1884年,原為利物浦同城的埃弗顿主場球場,但因租金爭議埃弗顿在1892年遷往附近新建的古迪逊公园球场。晏菲路的業主約翰·霍爾丁另外成立了一支球隊,這就是以晏菲路為基地的利物浦足球俱樂部。於是,兩支球隊成為傳統死敵,分別在英格蘭足球歷史上發光發熱。


斯皮温山看臺(Kop 或 Spion Kop):1906年,球會把「轉彎看臺」(Banked Stand)改名為斯皮温山以紀念當時有大量利物浦士兵死亡的第二次布爾戰爭(史派安·高普是第二次布尔战争其中一场战役的名字)[13]。该看台是球场容量最多的看台,可以容纳28000位观众,它亦是全球容量最大的单看台之一。斯皮温山看台在1989年希斯堡惨剧后因安全理由而缩小,最后在1994年转为全座位的看台,现时的容量是12,409人。
主看台(Main Stand):在1973年重建,曾经增加及减少座位,现在的容量是12,277人。
百周年看台(Centenary Stand):在球会於1992年百周年纪念前称为「临科林路看台」。在重建时,临科林路的屋子被拆卸来扩建看台。
晏菲路看台(Anfield Road Stand):於1998年重建,容量为9,074人,包括供作客球迷的区域。
晏菲路如今为全座席可容纳45,362名观众,由於不能再扩建,利物浦计划在附近的斯坦利公園興建60,000座的斯坦利公園球場(Stanley Park Stadium),在2004年7月30日獲得利物浦市議會發出計劃許可,雖然政府及資助基金團體要求利物浦與埃弗顿共用新球場,但遭球隊雙方及球迷激烈反對,共用球場的最後一次談判在2005年1月宣佈失敗。2006年9月8日,利物浦市議會通過方案,容許利物浦獨自使用新球場[14]。

[编辑] 球會文化



[编辑] 球衣


“ 他把球衣的颜色带上精神上的影响——红色是危险、红色是力量。有一天他来到更衣室,并扔了一条红裤给朗尼·耶斯。他说:「穿这条红裤来看看。」「你们着得十分有威严并可怕!就像有七尺高呢!」在这时我提议:「为什么我们不整套也使用红色?我们不如全身红色吧!」辛奇利赞成我的意见,终於这套传奇性的球衣就诞生了。[16] ”
Image:Kit left arm white stripes2.svg Image:Kit body adidas snake red white shoulder stripes.svg Image:Kit right arm white stripes2.svg



[编辑] 徽章

辛奇利闸1901年,球队选用利物浦市的象徵利物鸟作为球队的徽章。现在的徽章在基本的利物鸟上加上球会着名的格言「你永远不会独行」(You’ll Never Walk Alone) 。两边的火焰则是对希尔斯伯勒惨案的纪念[18]。

[编辑] 会歌
利物浦足球俱乐部的会歌是《You’ll Never Walk Alone》(你永远不会独行)[19],由哈马斯甸(Oscar Hammerstein)填词,罗渣士(Richard Rodgers)作曲。此曲原是一套百老汇音乐剧中的音乐,在60年代由利物浦球迷开始在球场中颂唱起。在每场比赛之前及之后,利物浦球迷都会一起唱一遍《You’ll Never Walk Alone》[20]。为了纪念去世的领队辛奇利,会方於1982年8月26日把歌名刻上辛奇利闸上。其后还把歌名印在会徽上。

於2005年5月2日为支援患上罕见「肌肉萎缩症」(Amyotropische Lateralsklerose,简称ALS)的波兰及沃尔夫斯堡中场心脏诺瓦克(Krzysztof Nowak)而成立的「诺瓦克基金会」(Krzysztof Nowak Foundation),亦以《您永远不会独行》为首的励志歌曲录制成CD推出发售,收入拨归基金会[21]。

[编辑] 主要競爭對手

[编辑] 曼聯


[编辑] 爱华顿

爱华顿昔日也与利物浦一样拥有争霸实力,在利物浦雄霸英格兰联赛期间,爱华顿一度被利物浦比下去,故二支球会每逢对头都增添了不少火药味。直至80年代,两队德比战的激烈和重要程度达到高峰,在英超成立之前的十年甲组联赛,利物浦夺得6次冠军,爱华顿亦夺得两次冠军。随着英超成立爱华顿成绩大倒退,两支球会打比战的火药味才有所减弱。近年来都是利物浦排在联赛前列位置,而爱华顿列长期处於下游,其中2005-06年球季更一度排在榜末。 但06-07球季首场打比战,利物浦以3球败阵爱华顿手上。


[编辑] 球會榮譽
利物浦曾夺得全英格兰最多的18次甲组联赛(顶级)冠军是,第二名则是17次的曼联。在1984年,利物浦夺得联赛、联赛盃及欧洲盃,成为首支在一季内取得三个主要比赛冠军的英格兰球会;2001年则夺得足总盃、联赛冠及欧协盃。利物浦在随后又赢得慈善盾及欧洲超级盃,使得利物浦在一年内夺得五个盃赛冠军。利物浦於1984年几乎夺取「三冠王」称誉,惟国内最重要的盃赛 - 英格兰足总盃被爱华顿取走冠军,故此至今亦未能完成「三冠王」美梦。



[编辑] 历任领队

名称 国籍 开始任期 完结任期 纪录
场数 赢 和 输
W.E.巴克莱(W. E. Barclay)及約翰麥堅拿(John McKenna) 1892.8 1896.7 101 58 17 26
湯·屈臣(Tom Watson) 1896.8 1915.5 740 327 141 272
大衛·艾殊和夫(David Ashworth) 1920.12 1923.2 58 25 24 9
馬特·麥昆(Matt McQueen) 1923.2 1928.2 229 94 61 74
佐治·柏達臣(George Patterson) 1928.2 1936.3 370 139 86 145
佐治·基爾(George Kay) 1936.3 1951.2 359 143 93 123
唐·華殊(Don Welsh) 1951.3 1956.5 234 82 60 92
菲尔·泰勒(Phil Taylor) 1956.5 1959.11 153 77 32 44
比尔·香克利(Bill Shankly) 1959.12 1974.7 753 393 185 175
鲍勃·佩斯利(Bob Paisley) 1974.7 1983.5 490 275 124 91
乔·费根(Joe Fagan) 1983.5 1985.5 122 65 34 23
肯尼·达格利什(Kenny Dalglish) 1985.5 1991.2 297 180 76 41
格雷姆·索内斯(Graeme Souness) 1991.4 1994.1 157 65 47 45
罗伊·埃文斯(Roy Evans) 1994.1 1998.7 226 116 57 53
罗伊·埃文斯(Roy Evans)及热拉尔·乌利耶(Gerard Houllier) / 1998.7 1998.11 18 7 6 5
热拉尔·乌利耶(Gerard Houllier) 1998.11 2004.3 306 157 75 74
拉法埃尔·贝尼特斯(Rafael Benitez) 2004.6 现在 239 134 50 55


The first purpose-built complex for the development of young footballers in Britain opens its doors and you could be lacing your boots and joining the action! During the school holidays, boys can take part in a series of three day coaching courses with the Academy’s expert training staff, responsible for developing such stars as Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler. And who knows? If our coaches spot your talent you could be the next Academy protégé to make it through to the first team.

Our team of dedicated coaches encourage technical footballing excellence and help nurture youngsters in attributes of balance, speed, attitude and skill, and as our past record has demonstrated, we’ve developed top class payers for the Liverpool first team.

The Soccer School at the Academy includes:

Quality coaching from Academy staff in all areas of the game
World Cup competition
Penalty shoot-out
Certificate of Attendance

Tel: +44 0151 477 1201 (Heather Maguire)
Academy Soccer School, The Academy, Liverpool Football Club, The Liverpool Way, Knowsley L33 7ED.

School Soccer Programme 2008/09
Unless otherwise noted the soccer schools have the following details:

Age: Boys 5-14 Years
Time: 10am to 3pm
Cost: Includes certificate of attendance and an Academy skills football - prices vary
Details: Packed lunch required for all three days, football boots and suitable indoor footwear, football kit including waterproofs.

Date Venue Type Age Range Time Price
October 2008
20-22nd LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
23-24th LFC Academy Goalkeepers GK 5-14 10am-2pm £45
27-29th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
30-31st LFC Academy Goalkeepers GK 5-14 10am-2pm £45
27-29th Ridgeway High School, Wirral SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
February 2009
16-18th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
19-20th LFC Academy Goalkeepers GK 5-14 10am-2pm £45
23-25th Isle Of Man Queen Elizabeth II High School SS/GK 5-14 10am-3pm £70
April 2009
7-9th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
7-9th Myerscough College, Preston SS/GK 5-14 10am-3pm £70
14-16th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
14-16th Whitehaven FC, Cumbria SS/GK 5-14 10am-3pm £70
May 2009
26-28th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
26-28th Christleton High School, Chester SS/GK 5-14 10am-3pm £70
July 2009
27-29th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
30-31st LFC Academy Goalkeepers GK 5-14 10am-2pm £45
August 2009
3-5th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
10-12th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
11-13th Stormont Estate, Belfast SS/GK 5-14 10am-3pm £70
17-19th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
25-27th LFC Academy SS 5-14 10am-3pm £70
27-28th LFC Academy Goalkeepers GK 5-14 10am-2pm £45
SS = Outfield soccer school
GK = Goalkeeping soccer school


The Public Relations Department deals with the reputation of the Club in the local, national and international community. The entire workforce at the Club are acutely aware of their responsibilities, but it is the PR Department which carries out the specific task of promoting the image of the Club and enhancing its Worldwide appeal and reputation. The following articles show some of the PR activities:


All the players from Liverpool Football Club paid their anual visit to Alder Hey Childrens Hospital on the 13th December 2007. Every patient received LFC Gifts from the players on the day which brought smiles all round.


The Sudan Kings are extremely grateful to LFC for the donation of a new strip and play with pride against other teams in the Kakuma region. The players have the desire to play, and the commitment to succeed, but the skills of their coaches are limited because they have only learnt what is available in Kakuma.

The team themselves lack exposure to competition with other teams who are playing at the same level as they are. They play friendly matches with other Kakuma teams, but they are already the best in Kakuma, and now need to be competing at district, provincial and regional level within Kenya. At the moment they lack the funds to enable them to travel and participate in these tournaments.

At a more basic level, they have difficulty buying balls (they don 't survive very long on the thorny Kakuma ground), boots and football kit. They are so grateful for Liverpool FC 's assistance with this final problem. They can now compete proudly in their LFC strip, and would love to make LFC proud in return by becoming one of the most successful teams in 'new Sudan


Sudan Future Girls is a girls’ football team in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Northern Kenya. Most of the 26 members are Sudanese but there are also Somali and Ethiopian refugees and some members of the local Kenyan community. All are aged between 15 and 20.

Unfortunately, they will be playing without boots, because, as you can see from the photograph, they don’t have any and normally play in bare feet. This is a disadvantage when they are playing against better-equipped Kenyan teams, but the Sudan Future Girls have the motivation, the drive, and, most of all, the Liverpool FC team strip, which can propel them towards success.

Kit donation to Malawi

The Malawian Armed Forces College play in the Lilongwe and District League in Malawi there is at present 18 teams in the league. The team are all serving and retired members of the college. The kit as enabled them to have a new strip and a away strip using there old red and green strip.

Kit Donation To South Africa

We recieved the following e mail from Roger Inglis, Pendle District Youth Council, who vistied South Africa with A kit donated from Liverpool Football Club. “We decided to give your donation to a high school close to where we stayed for the first few nights, this school was called Kairos which was in a town called Heidelburg. The school had around 500 children and were aged between 15 and 18. We also gave a presentation to the children on the reasons why were had come to South Africa and what we had to offer them. We asked the school if they had heard of Liverpool Football Club they all said that they had and where really pleased that you had provided them with some football kit”.

Jesters Charity

Here is the donation of a kit by Liverpool FC to Jesters Care for Kids Charity, who are busy helping children in Thailand in the Pattaya Orphanage. Susan and baby Katie came to collect the kit from the Public Relations Department. The event was organised by Steve Ponter and was a huge success throughout 2006 raising over 6 million baht, which translates roughly to £86000. Jesters charity will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary drive throughout 2007.

Omar and Habitha

The Public Relations Department sent out some goodies to Omar and his sister Habitha in Egypt late last year. They dressed up in their best clothes to pose for the photographs and show off their new toys.

If you would like to contact the Public Relations Department please call us on 0151 260 1433 or fax us on 0151 264 2918.

The PR team produce a brochure which outlines the history, honours and achievements of the club and which answers many of the questions the fans ask. If you would like to obtain the brochure please forward an A4 SAE to the PR Department at:

LFC PR Department
Liverpool Football Club
Anfield Road


Carlsberg is a premium Danish lager created in 1892 by Jacob Jacobsen and is dedicated to producing quality lager refreshment. Carlsberg and Liverpool Football Club have the most enduring brand sponsorship at top level World Club football.

adidas, the world’s number one football brand, has returned to Anfield and is once again proud to supply the new kit for Liverpool Football Club. adidas becomes the official kit and sportswear supplier in a sponsorship agreement that takes effect from July 2006, in time for the start of the 06/07 season. Previously, adidas produced Liverpool’s kit between 1985 and 1996 and the new strips hark back to the glory days when adidas first supplied Liverpool FC.

Paddy Power - Official Online Betting

Pioneers of the Money-Back Special, Paddy Power are Ireland’s leading bookmaker. With more match day markets on all top flight football matches than any other bookmaker, Paddy Power is the best place to bet on Liverpool FC. Paddy Power offers a complete gaming service of online Poker, Casino, Games, Lotteries, Bingo and most recently Financial Trader.

MBNA is the largest independent credit card lender in the world and also the world’s leading issuer of affinity credit cards.

MBNA Europe is committed to providing its Customers with the finest products backed by consistent, top-quality service. For this reason, MBNA is delighted to be the official credit card partner of Liverpool Football Club both in the UK and the rest of the world.


Thomas Cook Sport is very proud to be the Official Travel Partner of Liverpool Football Club. As the number one name in travel and a leading Sports Travel operator, we are delighted to be providing a full range of travel services as well as being able to offer a wide selection of travel products to Liverpool fans of all ages.

As a Liverpool Football Club Member, you will receive a great range of travel benefits when booking with Thomas Cook. We offer official supporters travel packages for all UEFA Champions League away matches, official Match Break packages for games at Anfield, and great holiday discounts through our Reds holiday club on a wide selection of Thomas Cook holidays.

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Getty Images is the largest provider of high quality sports photography and related services in the world, delivering the content our clients need to bring their communications to life. Whether it is the editorial imagery requirements of the world’s press or the specialist commercial imagery needs of premier sports rights-holders and corporations, our world-class photographers capture the action and the atmosphere like no one else. We cover all major sports and work with some of the biggest organisations behind them, such as the International Olympic Committee, UEFA, the International Cricket Council, the International Rugby Board and many more.

Since its launch in 1990, Lucozade Sport has been the UK’s number 1 sports drink, working with leading sporting bodies and athletes throughout the country. We have worked with Liverpool FC since 1991 to ensure the players arrive fully fuelled and hydrated on matchday.

For more information and to purchase Lucozade Sport products on line visit

The Lucozade Sport Science Academy (LSSA) was founded in 2003 to further understanding of sports nutrition and share expertise to help improve athletes’ sporting performance. The LSSA works closely with leading coaches, elite athletes, academics and sports professionals to advance knowledge in sports nutrition and to translate this expertise into high performance products to benefit serious and elite athletes. It is also working at a grassroots level to educate coaches and young sports participants about sports nutrition.

Liverpool may have the financial wealth to compete for the best players from around the globe, but their decision to fund and build a multi-million pound Academy five years ago demonstrated their desire to continue to nurture and develop their own young talent.

The Academy is a world-class facility designed to give every young boy on the club’s books the best possible chance of following in the footsteps of some of the club’s greatest players.

Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and Jamie Carragher all came through the youth ranks of Liverpool FC to prove that locally produced players can develop into world class stars having been groomed by the Reds from an early age. Hopefully there will be many more on the way over the coming years.

Frank Skelly, the former Academy Operations Director, takes us on an exclusive tour behind the scenes and explains the facilities on offer to the potential future stars of Liverpool FC.

Tom Saunders Lecture Theatre
Frank Skelly: The Tom Saunders Lecture Theatre has only been named in the last two years, but we were very proud and honoured to be friends and acquaintances and colleagues of Tom Saunders’, whose contribution to the football club is quite unique. He was a mentor to every manager since Bill Shankly and being an ex-headmaster, he was also the first youth development officer in England really.

It’s an education room. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings our boys can use this partly as a classroom and a lecture hall. Dave Shannon and John Owens have their games videotaped and they will come in on a Monday afternoon and they will go through and discuss and analyse, with the boys, certain aspects of their game.

Legend wall
Frank Skelly: Our legends wall celebrates the achievements of the likes of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and obviously Steve Heighway, who played over 300 times for the first team and is one of the most famous legends that we have.

We never forget where we’ve been because these guys were the start of the regeneration of Liverpool Football Club. We’re doing well and we’re playing in a difficult environment and a difficult time for football, but we’ll make it.

Frank Skelly: It’s useful to see the degree in which the football club have invested in the facilities. Our education room has changed in the last eighteen months into a very high-tech room with computers and both our education and welfare managers have made a significant contribution education in terms of good accreditation.

The boys do a lot of subjects, it is very well managed and an awful lot of good work takes place and I’d say that they boys really enjoy the work. A lot of it is sports-related in terms of Sports science and it sets them on a good career path after they have finished playing football. It certainly makes them a rounded person in terms of what we are trying to do, not only as a footballer but to deal with the media at a very young age and to be able to use their finances in the right sort of way.

The education side of things is a large part of the infrastructure of the development of an Academy player and as such a lot of emphasis is placed on it.

Pool Room
Frank Skelly: This is essentially a classroom area, but as you can imagine, you can’t have the boys having to always concentrate on the football side, so this is where they relax. We’ve developed it with a pool table and a little footy table and table tennis. It’s important that during their lunch times they can relax because it’s hard work. People think it’s easy coming from Monday-Friday and playing on a Saturday, but it is actually quite hard physically and mentally. This is provided for them so they can chill-out for the hours in between the hard work and concentration.

Frank Skelly: All the boys will eat in the cafeteria have a breakfast here and will eat at lunchtime all together. There is no top table. They have a very healthy diet organised by John, Di and Joe, our fitness coach, to make sure that the boys are getting good nutrition and not eating fat.

John and Di work up at Liverpool University and they helped us for three years and when they came here, we enjoyed their bacon butties so much that we decided we’d bring them with us.

Frank Skelly: We have 10 grass pitches altogether, of which four are full size. Two are intermediate and three are junior pitches as well as the front pitch. The quality and the work that Neil Holden and his boys put in is tremendous.

The water is pumped out of bore holes, which are 300 feet underground and we have 200 sprinklers to make sure the pitches are always being watered and fed. They’re basically sand based, so they do need water in order to stay healthy.

The standard that we’re working to is second to none and it’s a credit to the lads that they’re able to do it. I’ve worked out that we need eight playing surfaces a week to meet our commitments and if you put that in perspective it tells you the amount of work that’s necessary to keep us going and maintain those standards.

Match pitch
Frank Skelly: We’re very proud of our main match pitch. This is where all the boys from 9-year olds and upwards aspire to play because then they will be playing for the U18s team or U16s team, which ultimately means they might be of the standard necessary to join up with the Melwood squad.

Every Saturday morning some of the staff from Melwood will be here watching our games, so that they can see how our boys are developing. Then they can have friendly matches down at Melwood, where our boys can go down and mingle with the boys down there, which will help their development. It gives them a good awareness of what they have to do in order to meet the standards necessary for us to take them through and basically earn a living from the game.

Frank Skelly: The gymnasium is well equipped and well set out. Each boy has his own programme as they each require different things. It might be upper body strength, or it might be abdominal strength, but essentially it’s providing a fitness programme and a strength programme to meet the requirements. First and foremost, the boys have got to be athletes these days because the rules of the game have made it faster and so the boys have got to be able to cope with that as well as the skill side of things.

The emphasis on technique work is because we’ve been behind other countries such as the Spanish or Italians. I’m not saying we’ve actually achieved those levels, but in my view if you look at the England set-up, the technique is much better than it used to be.

Medical Centre
Frank Skelly: We have a hydrotherapy pool, two full-time chartered physios and a doctor. We have a very quick fast track to getting the boys up and running and going again.

Even though we’re on the youth side of things, these facilities are probably better than a lot of league clubs and those are Liverpool Football Club’s standards shining through again.

We thought at one time that we’d be getting money from the lottery and the sports council, which never materialised, so everything that has been put into it has been a result of Liverpool Football Club’s commitment to the youth side of things. It’s been paid back as we haven’t done badly in terms of what has come out of the hard work of the Academy director and the coaches here.

Frank Skelly: When our laundry lady comes in on a Monday there will be somewhere in the region of ten kits ready to wash. She’ll have to come in on Saturday and Sunday to do work that’s been left over from Friday. Then she has to prepare all the kits for the boys to go out and train in. Its quite considerable in the winter because there’s winter clothing and winter tops.

Very similar to any club, part of her work is doing some sewing and putting some numbers on. Each boy has his own number and has all his own kit which is renewed every year. All the junior boys from 7-8 years upwards get a full kit as well to train and play in, the same as the first team.

Dressing Rooms
Frank Skelly: We have 10 dressing rooms at The Academy. The youngsters have got their own showers, hairdryers, washbasins and it’s always maintained immaculately. Whether it’s the away teams that we play or whether it’s our own youngsters in the evenings, we set the standards in terms of hygiene, cleanliness and the way it’s looked after. If it’s allowed to drop, then very quickly you can get into bad habits.

We can play six games in one day with the facilities that we have. Invariably we don’t because generally four is a good amount to cope with.

Currently, there are just over 200 official supporters clubs in the world. These range from the local Merseyside branch to places as far away as Azerbaijan, Mauritius, Tokyo and Toronto. These supporter clubs are affiliated to Liverpool Football Club and enjoy a close working relationship with both the Club and their local Reds fans. If you would like to contact your local branch, please click the relevant link below.

Due to the huge demand for tickets, it is not possible to offer a ticket allocation to new branches. However, new branches can still obtain tickets for Cup (Carling, FA and Champions League) games by qualifying in line with the selling arrangements released by the Ticket Office.

If you would like to set up a branch in your area, please email [email protected] or write to:

Membership Department,
Liverpool Football Club,
Anfield Road,
L4 0TH.

Please include your full name and postal address. Please be aware that new branches will not be affiliated in close proximity to an existing branch in the area.

Association Of International Branches Branch Lists
Northern Ireland
Rest of the World

The qualities needed to be successful in both football and the conference industry are remarkably similar. And because we excel at both what better reason is there for hosting your next conference, seminar or meeting at Anfield?

We know what’s needed to stage a successful conference. Experience has shown that there’s no substitute for all-round quality of service and meeting the needs of our customers.

And when you add our world-famous stadium into the mix, you can see why hosting a conference at Anfield will be a unique event that will help you achieve your business goal.

We offer a comprehensive range of conference formats with a choice of six superbly appointed suites, each capable of accommodating over 200 delegates in air-conditioned comfort. Additionally, we have 31 syndicate rooms - multi-functional and versatile enough for any boardroom or client meetings. Many of our suites have been recently refurbished and decorated with imagery showcasing Liverpool’s achievements, as yet unsurpassed in the history of English football.

Paul Eaton 20 October 2008
Rafael Benitez believes the character his side has displayed this season will serve them well for this week’s testing away double header with Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.
The Reds are unbeaten in their last 15 games and go into Wednesday night’s clash in the Spanish capital on the back of another heroic weekend comeback, when they recovered from 2-1 down with ten minutes to play to run out 3-2 winners.

Victory in the Vicente Calderon will all but secure Liverpool’s progress into the knock-out stages of the Champions League, before they face the challenge of trying to end Chelsea’s 86 match unbeaten home record in the Premier League.

“I am confident that my players can produce the right performances this week,” said the Liverpool boss.

"We are showing character and the right mentality you need for a winning team. We have Atletico next, and then Chelsea, two very tough away matches.

"But with games like that to come, how can we start talking about what we can win this season?

"It is too early to be talking of titles and cups. We must just keep going the way we are.

“It has to be a case of concentrating on each game, not looking to the future. But our players are showing great character.”

Benitez added: "The team showed great character to beat Wigan on Saturday, and we are showing the belief that we can win every game.

"The Premier League is very tough. To show the mental strength we have displayed this season is very positive.

"We did that again against Wigan and we must maintain it for the next games, particularly this week.

“My priority is now Atletico, not Chelsea just yet. But the games are very close together and we will see whether we can continue to show the character we have been showing.”

Paul Eaton 20 October 2008
Xabi Alonso today spoke of his delight at seeing Liverpool joint top of the Premier League table - but insisted there is work to do if they are to remain among the title chasers.
The Reds are tied with Chelsea on 20 points after another heroic comeback against Wigan at the weekend as they twice recovered from falling behind to eventually take all three points.

It’s the fifth time this season Liverpool have won after going behind during the match and although it’s a quality Alonso says cannot be understated, he believes it’s a fact which shows there is still room for improvement.

“We’re not controlling games from the start at the moment and that is why we are suffering more than we should be doing,” he told

"Of course the most important thing is winning the three points but we know we have to improve in certain areas if we want to stop having problems.

"We can’t rest on our laurels though. We have to be criticial of ourselves and look to improve. We need to be getting in front in matches because we’re not always going to have the luck to come from behind.

“It’s great to be towards the top of the table and not a few points behind. We’ve had a good start to the season but we have to carry that on and not look at the table too much. We just want to keep winning games and keep picking up points.”

Three points looked a remote possibility with just ten minutes to play at Anfield on Saturday as Wigan were holding onto a 2-1 lead given to them by Egyptian striker Amir Zaki.

But the Reds never-say-die spirit again saw them prevail thanks to strikes from Albert Riera and Dirk Kuyt.

“We were worried at half time because they were causing us too many problems and we had to correct that,” he added. "We were much better in the second half, we had more possession and created more chances.

“When Albert scored we knew we had enough time to go on and win the game. We just had to stay patient and take our chance when it came.”

Liverpool’s job was made somewhat easier when Wigan were reduced to ten men after Antonio Valencia was sent off for a late challenge on Alonso.

Incredibly, Valencia became the fourth opposing player to be dismissed this season after a foul on Alonso with Nemanja Vidic, Pablo Zabaleta and Tim Cahill also seeing red.

“I think it was a clear second yellow card on Saturday,” he added. "He didn’t completely catch my leg but it was close enough and could have been a lot worse.

"It’s strange that this has happened three games in a row against the same player, but it’s not something I’m looking for. Football sometimes goes like that.

“Most of them have been fair enough. Referees are being rigorous with the rules and we have to welcome these measures.”

Fernando Torres will not be travelling to Madrid with the Liverpool squad this week to watch Liverpool face his former club at the Vicente Calderon Stadium.
Torres has been ruled out of the match with a hamstring injury but had been offered a VIP seat at the ground by the Atletico president.

But the Reds - in conjunction with the player - have decided his time will be better spent at Melwood continuing with his rehabilitation programme.

“We talked with the doctor and physios, and with the player himself, and we decided it was important for him to stay here and continue with his recovery,” manager Rafael Benitez said today.

The Liverpool squad for tomorrow morning’s flight to the Spanish capital will be boosted by the returns of Javier Mascherano and Ryan Babel, both of whom missed Saturday’s victory over Wigan.

Healthy Stadia

Liverpool Football Club are delighted to have pledged their support to the ‘Healthy Stadia’ programme – a newly launched initiative aimed at using our Anfield stadium to improve the health of supporters, staff, and the community.

Anfield is one of six Merseyside stadia forging ahead with plans to promote fruit and vegetables to staff, improve the availability of healthy food for staff and visitors, look at the exercise patterns of staff and work towards smoke-free environments.

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry said: “All the work we are doing with the local community is aimed at improving quality of life, and particularly health. This includes our sports programmes, school assemblies, and wider projects with voluntary groups and the city council.”

Heart of Mersey, England’s largest coronary heart disease prevention charity, recently visited Merseyside stadia to commend them for the work undertaken under the regional Healthy Stadia project during its first six months.

Robin Ireland, Chief Executive of Heart of Mersey added: "This project is a great opportunity to improve the health of supporters, staff and the wider communities that live around stadia. It will also enable health professionals to forge links with stadia and work in partnership. I am delighted in the work undertaken so far, there are some real successes to celebrate - projects like this are key to the future of Greater Merseyside’s health. I am sure it will be a real winner!”